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Diver for Hire Underwater Services underwater boat hull cleaning services Annapolis MD

Underwater Services

  • Hull Cleaning and Inspection
  • Salvage and Recovery
  • Prop Replacement
  • Moorings
  • Emergency Services and more

Cleaning & Inspection

Our Hull Cleaning & Inspection services include the boat bottom, waterline (boot stripe), running gear and the hulls. Plus you will receive a report on your boat's hull and running gear condition.

Salvage & Recovery

Drop something of value, we will come out and recover it for you. Diver for Hire has years of experience recovering items. We are equipped with top of the line underwater metal detectors.

Line caught in your props? Run over a crab pot or hit something?

We will come to you and untangle props and inspect the hull for damage, so you can get on with your boating fun.

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Prop Replacement

Diver for Hire will remove the props, and you can take them to be repaired or we can send them in for service. When the props return, we will reinstall them. If you have a spare prop on board, we can replace it the same day.

Zinc Replacement

Zincs are essential for keeping your underwater metal protected such as Props and Shafts, Rudders, Trim tab, and Thru hulls We can provide you with the needed zincs or you can supply your own.

Maryland's Full Service Diving Company

Diver For Hire has been serving the Chesapeake Bay/Annapolis area for over 25 years. Our divers have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right and on time, leaving you with the confidence that your boat is in top shape and ready to leave the dock at a moment's notice.          

Our diving services include but not limited to:
  • Hull Cleaning
  • Zinc Replacement
  • Prop Removal & Replacement
  • Salvage
  • Item Recovery
  • Underwater Inspections
  • Moorings

Attention: Maryland Boat Owners

It’s a known fact that fouled hull bottoms and props will create an increased drag on your vessels hull.  This unwanted drag slows a boat down noticeably and effects its overall performance, which causes increased wear and tear on a boat's engines.

• Fouled propellers become less efficient, also putting extra strain on the engines and cause engine overheating.

• Fouled thru hulls also restrict water flow and is many times the cause of overheating.

• Having this growth removed will increase the performance and fuel efficiency of your boat.

A clean boat bottom and
clean props are a sure way
to lower fuel bills!

Give Diver For Hire a call and we will professionally remove the growth that is slowing your boat down and burning extra fuel.

We have taken the CLEAN MARINA PLEDGE and use the BEST DIVING PRACTICES as outlined by the CLEAN MARINA PROGRAM.

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